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2010-03-10 01:30:59 by Devant

Well my friends going on a fairly long trip, maybe not for her but I don't get to see her for another 2 weeks /post#

because most stuff i draw in pencil doesn't transfur well (my scanners a piece of shit) I'm kinda stuck with my pen drawings, and my latest one which I did some computer alterations, added an extra hour or so to the time it normally takes me 2 finish a drawing, but if you met the person whom I'm speaking of I have no dout you would do the same....
hope she sees it before she leaves xD

Not so new to the portal but...

2010-03-08 04:12:33 by Devant

Not really new to the portal but for the first time is awhile I'm thinking of upload some of my art, although I'm not quite sure its portal worthy yet. I sure don't want to spam the portal or take any shit because of my work, so I guess I'll just take it slow.